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Where can I find a good quality microscope....?


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Specifically one that is reasonably priced. I have looked at a couple of places but can't find one that has some good reviews. I would like to use it with my soon-to-be-second grader. I would appreciate any help. Thank you! Oh, and my price range is between $50-$75.

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most people here will most likely say a scope at that price range will not be a quality scope and you may be disappointed.


Anytime someone asks "What kind of microscope do you recommend" people here will say either Sonlight's or the Brock Magiscope. I'm not familiar with the Sonlight scope, but here good reviews. The Brock is about $120 for just the basic set-up which will be good enough for your second grader. Most here get set III for about $150 and I've heard that with those extra lenses it's good enough for high school. Rainbow Resource carries the Brock.


There is a microscope out there very similar to the Brock for $75 that someone I know recently ordered. Maybe when I see it and can try it out, I can post a review. It's at the Acorn Naturalist website.

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