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New To Afterschooling.....Need Help

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My son was in PS for 3.5 years. I pulled him out in Jan. and homeschooled until now. Our biggest problem in school is that he stayed board. He was in the gifted class and was still board. He has always had straight A's and has never had behavior problems. I tried homeschooling and it did not work for us. He is an only child and even with all the extra things I had him in (boyscouts, YMCA P.E., 4-H, Skeet Team, ect.) he was still board at home with mom most of the time. He also put up MANY fights when it came time to do his work, which really shocked me. I came to the conclusion after reading several articles that maybe he was missing the competitivness of PS and I can not provide that for him (ONLY CHILD). I want to afterschool him, however I do not know what to do. I can not expect him to come home afterschool and do 4 hours worth of work so here is what I was thinking........

PS homework - 15 minutes

Saxon 65 Math - 30 minutes

Apologia Botany - 15 Minutes (Friday Activity)

Easy Grammar - 15 Minute Lesson

Wordly Wise & Spelling Workout - 30 minutes

SOTW - Read Aloud at night

Literature - Books (public library) at night that go with SOTW

Close to 2 hours in the evening + night reading :001_huh:

IS THIS TOO MUCH, or can you give some examples PLEASE!!!

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I think that 2 hours extra a night is probably going to cause burnout, but that's just IMO. I would try shooting for 2 hours a week instead. Also, you might want to consider switching from Saxon to Singapore, Miquon, or Math U See. Saxon has a whole bunch of repetition and has a reputation for driving gifted kids crazy.


This is our plan that I have posted on my blog. Good luck!

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I wouldn't add that much without a clear reason. It seems that you are concerned about your son's boredom, but I'm not sure the schedule you've worked out addresses that concern. What other goals to you have for afterschooling? Once you know what you want to achieve, a schedule will be easier to determine.


When my gifted DD, also an only child, was complaining of boredom in 1st grade, I challenged her to come up with learning goals for herself, and said I would do what I could to support those goals. She came up with a great list, and we review it and add to it a few times per year. There are a few things on the list that are priorities of mine as well, but I give DD a lot of flexibility in meeting those goals.

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What math program does the PS use and what grade is he in? It would be best to balance the math that he gets at school with math that you afterschool. For example my son's school uses Everyday Math. The only strength is in measurement and a big weakness is that it is a spiral curriculum with not enough drill or problems to master a topic. So at home we use Singapore math and will an emphasis on learning math facts. I also am skipping all the measurement and geometry sections. If he were using a program like Saxon at school I would use Miquon at home.

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I also agree it most likely will be too much. My dd is in gifted but going into 6th now. Her HW doesnt take too long but longer then 15 minutes...I usually add in a math. We do Lials College Algebra with no issues....but on school days...If they have HW I dont push adding anything else in. I have been spending a lot of time teaching my kids cooking lately. That has been a huge hit.


She also enjoys those books with critical thinking...but we dont add much more then some math and iew during the school year.


What does he want to do with his free time?


Mine would ask me to read SOTW so that is a nice thing to read if he likes to have you read to him at night...and the literature would be fine as daily reading as well. My 11 yo, though, is not liking my book choices lately...so Ive given that up. I let her choose.

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U are doing too much, spread it out a bit to different days,

We do 30 mins for 3 or 4 days math (one of the weekend day) Reading 30 mins b4 after dinner and Dad read SOTW book as bedtime story and Science for 2 days ( one of the weekend days) 30 mins top . We used to try to do vocabulary and spell, it just become too much with all the activities.

And be flexible, it the kid have gym that day and looks tired, skip that day.

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