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Can I tell you about my Horrible, No Good, Rotten, Really bad situation?

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My children just got 2 kitties not even two weeks ago. We've been doing Bible School all week and it's been busy, lots of driving. So does anyone want to guess where all kitties love to go and play?

























Of course into a car. Well, my dd's kitty jumped into the van last night and dh had to go pick up the kids. So he goes to leave and realizes it's not steering right because kitty has gotten into the power steering place. So dh takes truck to get kids, and dd comes home and finds kitty(who miraculously made it out of the van) and is of course devastated. We had a rough night. Now to make things even worse, the power steering in our van has given out.:crying: I could just cry, we've had so many vehicle problems over the last 1 1/2 years and it just seems as we are getting on more finanacially stable ground here we go busting our goals yet again. So, I'm sad for dd's kitty and sad for our van problems and feeling guilty to be so sad about our van. Does that make even a fraction of sense?!

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Lori, I just emailed you, but will say here too. I'm praying for you. I'll pray that dd6 can sleep tonight and that the van can be easily fixed.

and I do understand about starting to get ahead and then busting your goals. We finally got our student loan paid off but have spent the summer buying new appliances! ugh!

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