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OMG I don't know how carpenters/painters/flippers do it....

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We spent all day working on the garage conversion to homeschool room project. We primed, we painted, we did trim, DH worked on the ceiling, he created a hole in the cement for an air duct....I am exhausted. Seriously, I don't know how in the world people do this for a living. I am in awe. I can barely move.


And it's not even done yet. We have to install the lights, the fan, finish the trim, baseboards, and install switchplates and doorknobs. Then I need to put together my Ikea stuff and move in. (Actually, I am looking forward to the 'moving in' part :D)


I am having a nice vo*ka lemonade and watching Law and Order tonight. :tongue_smilie:

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Yup, it's just hard work. Dh did it for a long time. He's used to going at about 200 mph and only in the last few years has slowed down. I'm still in awe thinking about all the things he knows how to do, and do well.


Dh used to fall asleep in the recliner about an hour after getting home.

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We are DIYers. It is hard work. You accomplished a TON in a day! It does make you appreciate it so much when you do it yourself though, doesn't it?



Thanks everyone. I am praying that we finish this week. DH (obviously) has a "real" job outside the home, so I don't know how much we'll get done this week....hence our "soft start" to school...we'll just do some work in the dining room this week, but I am going to call our official first day of school the day the room is done and we are moved in :D

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What color did you go with? I have to know. I remember your paint color post.


A very light celery white.....i wanted pale, as the room was dark to begin with, and is color is extremely subtle but looks very pretty. Thanks for remembering!:tongue_smilie:

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