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Getting organized: How do you organize your homeschool supplies?

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We've been doing math this summer with Singapore math, Al Abacus, and manipulatives - dominoes, poker chips, cards, counting bears, dice, tangrams, etc. Everything is in a big plastic bin, but I'd like to find a better way to organize.


I've also added a variety of learning games and activities and so! many! BOOKS! this summer, and I've run out of shelf space! None of it is organized, though.


How do you keep themed books and manipulatives together for a unit study? How do you keep your home library and games organized?


Show me your tidy spaces!

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I use sterilite stackable clear plastic drawers. I use them for the toys as well as school supplies. I don't do unit studies, but I keep all the flashcards in one drawer, all the HOP in another drawer, all the math manipulatives in another drawer, etc.




I use these same drawers for clothes and Legos. DH might laugh at me if I came home with another set, but it does seem perfect for all the small things!

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I have bookshelves all over the house. In the office, which is going to be a storage room, ihave a wall of bookshelves. ALL books for the current year have a space there, along with any extras (manipulatives, cd's, etc) In the closet I have drawers for educational games, crafts, etc. We will be building cubbies for storage on the other long wall in the office.


The over flow of books are on enclosed shelves in the basement.


I would organize your main shelves to have space for everything you will use or reference this year.


ETA: you could go with the plastic drawers above of if you have tons of bookshelves, buy baskets to put the manipulatives and such in. Place on shelves.

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