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Math help... need something like teaching textbooks....


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hi! my younger dd is roughly doing 5/6 math. we finished up CLE 5, but she hated it and is begging to go back to teaching textbooks math. she has several learning difficulties and i would LOVE to get her back to TT, but right now, we just cant afford it! plus, it looks like she would be skipping about 1/3 of TT5 from the scope and sequence.


is there ANYTHING.... anyone can think of thats similar to teaching textbooks, but thats more affordable. even if its just to get by for a few months until we can can afford it?


thanks so much! :grouphug:

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If your dd's finishing up CLE 5, I don't think she needs TT5? Maybe I'm missing something, but if it were me I would have her take the placement test and then hit the used curriculum sites.


One more thought, is it the computer portion she likes or the workbook format? My kids can take or leave the computer CD so this past while, we've been just working out of the workbook. That might be a cheaper option.



Good luck!

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The video lessons here are free:



Here too:



This is a supplemental program, I think it costs about $15 per year:



You have to create an account to use Learning.com. To do so, enter your information and e-[YOUR STATE] as your district.


There are also some free videos at HotMath.com

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