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I hate these bifocals.

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Did you just get your bifocals today or very recently? Are they progressive lenses?


I'm just curious, because when I first got my progressive lenses (years ago) I hated them, but I have gotten used to them and so I just wanted to encourage you to be patient and perhaps in a few weeks you will feel better about them.


Can't help you with the getting old part, except to say it beats the alternative;).

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Just to make you feel better so that you don't think you're too old:


I'm 40 years old and had cataract surgeries for both eyes at the beginning of the year. Now, I can't read ANYTHING up close!! And, to top this all off, my regular eye doctor says that I'm the youngest cataract patient he's ever had. It was quite interesting sitting in the waiting room to have my surgery done with 10 other OLD ladies with canes and walkers!!! Even the nurses prepping me for the surgery got a little kick out of asking me if I was pregnant. "We NEVER have to ask our clients this question."


So, all that to say that I totally sympathize with you on the bifocals thing. What a pain!

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Awww. I'm sorry, Michelle.


Would it help to know that I had to wear bifocals for three years when I was in jr. high school? It was part of the treatment for my rapidly deteriorating eyesight.

So, there you go. Bifocals don't mean you are old.

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I have worn bifocals for 4 or 5 years. I started with them when I was about 38 yrs old or so. I had no lines the first time but NEVER got use to them, despite everyones assurances. Then about 2 weeks ago I tried no line sunglasses (I wanted the sporty wraparound for good coverage and they only come in no-line) I wore them 1 time for about 30 minutes and almost puked. OMG they made me SOOO sick. I am quite happy with my lined bi-focals. But they too, take some time. And, like you said, they are MUCH cheaper!


Good Luck to you!!!

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