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New fan of citrus acid

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My dishwashing woes - I was getting tired of feeling that I couldn't get my dishes really clean. We try to use natural produces and over time it seemed that my glassware and dishes were getting dingy. I was starting to think about going back to Cascade and other brands. I even got a small box to use at the holidays.


So I am following some natural product boards on pinterest and even though I've heard of making your own dishwashing detergent, I had resisted. So I decided to give it a try. I looked at several 'recipes' and bought some stuff. I noticed that the Citrus Acid was what they said helped get the glasses clean and clear. So first load it seemed to work okay, but some of the glasses that had what I now believe is mineral build up, still weren't clear. So I start hand washing them in the LemiShine (citrus acid - there are various products, but I could find this in a local store rather than having to mail order). Wow. Clear. I think I can use any nature dishwasher soap as long as I use something like this in the rinse. Also I can use it directly if the dishwasher doesn't do the trick.


I can't believe such a little thing can make such a big difference.


Anyway - color me a new fan.

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