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What calendar/agenda book/sheet/systemdo you use to plan your homeschooling schedule?

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My mind isn't working today and I can't figure out how to organize this. I did not do daily planning for my older sons because they have special needs and we just read books all day basically.


With DS6 I feel like things will work out best for both him and me if I schedule everything completely in 15 minute to 1 hour blocks. Of course, I will also have to be flexible and change things as we go along. I think I would need a full page for each day.


I could make a template on the computer and then change it for every day and print all the days up and put it into a binder. Then it would be messy to change. Or I could make one template with blank spaces for times and photocopy it approx. 365 times and put it in a binder and fill it in. This will cost me approximately $30 for black and white for the photocopying. Is there something I could buy instead that would cost less? The advantage of a binder is that I could put other materials in it, switch pages around, etc. I prefer writing everything in rather than printing it up because I think more easily that way and I'm at the computer way too much anyways.


Is there some great homeschooling planner(s) out there that might work for me instead? What do you use?


Any other ideas/systems? If you plan a lot do you have a system that you love? What do you use?

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For a paper planner, I really like The Well Planned Day. There have been mixed reviews on the software, which is a very recent addition to their product offering. I have not used it, so I don't know what it is like.


For a computer based planner, I use Homeschool Tracker Plus. It does everything I need, plus some and the customer service cant' be beat.


With either the paper planner or the software, you can make entries as you plan ahead (as with your daughter) or after things happen & you know what was covered (as with your sons).

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I have been agonizing over this for 2 days now. I think I have come up with a plan that will work for my 3 kids.


Scholaric (online planner, super easy and cheap) for weekly schedules and detailed daily assigned work. I want something I can print out for Dd to read through and check off as she goes. I could write it out, but my handwriting is terrible. Then I will place the daily schedules in my binder, and keep it as a log of what we accomplished.


The rest of the binder is filled with template pages from Donna Young. This includes: attendance sheets, reading logs, calendars for each month, etc.


I have divided the binder into sections, one tab for each month where I will keep that months calendar and insert the daily work list printed off from Scholaric, as we go. There will be other misc. sections for the above templates.


I ordered the Well Planned Day planner, and decided not to use it. It just does not fit my needs. Not to mention I'm a little mad at myself for wasting $25. :glare:

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I use Excel. I have 8 pages set up in one document and can plan up to 8 weeks, although I usually only do 4 weeks in advance. I have to do it this way because I often have to move things down and it's easy to copy/paste. I have all of ds16's subjects on one page with the subjects across the top and the days down the side.

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