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Reading/Spellling advice


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I have a neighbor that is asking for some reading/spelling help. Her son is memorizing words when he reads. She wants him to learn to break them down phonically because he is having trouble with spelling..her example was "trial" he has memorized the word, but he can not sound it out or spell it.

He seems like a kids that would enjoy learning as long as it is fun.


He is 7 and in an advanced private school.

Any advice?

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Nonsense words and syllable division.


Basically, he should work through the things on my how to tutor page, everything you need is linked at the end.




The program on my how to tutor page is fun with liberal use of my concentration game. Also, working on the words can be made more fun using a white board with the child selecting the marker color. You can also use a colored pencil to divide the words in my syllable division exercises.

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