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We learned the CC timeline last year with the Veritas Press cards. This year, CC is changing to their own cards. We are going to learn the new timeline, but I have made one document with 3 (really long) rows. The top row is the new timeline. The middle row has numerical years. The bottom row is the old timeline. Some of the events are the same, and those are lined up one right over the other, but of course many are not one over the other.


So we'll learn the new timeline, and review the old one, but they will use the same document for both, so they can always see where their "other" timeline fits into the one we are currently learning/reviewing.


Maybe something similar would work for your purposes?

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A SOTW vol. 1timeline would be more detailed than the CC timeline since the CC timeline goes from Creation until 2000 AD. Think about why you want them to memorize it: are you working on memory skills? Do you want your kids to have a strong grasp on ancient history?


You could find visuals for ancient history study if you want to make your own timeline cards.

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