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My 11 has lost.her.mind

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Heard in the last 5 minutes:


Dd11: I like hiding under the boys' beds.

Dad: while you're under there, wipe things down.

Dd11: no! (with disgust) I'm not cleaning under there. I like to hide there when they go downstairs for a drink, so I can play "monster under the bed" when they turn the lights out.


(Mother commentary: note that the BOYS are not playing this game)


Dd11: I like to hide on the shelf in their closet, too.

Me: do we need to have a disussion about shelves not being designed for human body weight, and the physics of a body falling to the floor inside a closet?

Dd11: No, I'm doing chemistry this year. THIS year, I get to blow stuff up and write my name on my door in blood.

(so she can spray it with luminal)


We have the strangest conversations with this child.

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My brother used to hide between my bed and the wall and just as I was falling asleep, this arm would come up and grab me! Of course that was only until I started searching all hiding places before bed.


This same brother and I would threaten to unplug each other's electric blankets in the winter. Since we had no heat in the house at night, this was a real threat.


I have a great relationship with my brother. :D

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