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Spelling for my 3rd, phonics for my 1st...need some advice please!


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My 3rd grader has done Abeka phonics and is a very strong reader. She is reading well above her grade level. I'm looking for a good spelling program for her. I had decided on Spelling Power but haven't seen a lot of great reviews for it. I have seen many people talk about AAS though. With our situation, which would be a better fit for her? The instructions for SP intimidate me a bit, but I also don't want to have a program that is too slow and boring.


For my 1st graders...we've done abeka phonics and it has worked well. I switched from Abeka to MFW for my 3rd this year (and will also do ADV with my 1st), so I was just going to switch everything over. I'm not exactly sure why, the phonics was working. I think we were all just getting really bored of it and one of my 1st graders needs a bit more than just worksheets to sit down and fill out everyday. He hates doing that. The other 1st loves it. So, I had decided on Pathway Phonics with Explode the Code. I got those books in and were looking through them but am now wondering if I should have just stuck with Abeka.


For those who have done Pathway Phonics/Explode the Code, do they teach phonics as well as Abeka does? Will my sons have an easy time transitioning from Abeka to PP without there being gaps?


Thank you!

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