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How would you cover windows that are 71" X 59"

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My dh wants to get (2) 35" blinds and find or create some hardware that would enable him to hang blinds side by side.

Is this possible?




That is exactly what we did! Well, almost. We just moved into a new (to us) house. The bedroom window is 71" wide. Costco has some great cellular blinds that don't have cords. You push a button to raise and lower the blinds. The blinds are 36" wide and they include a tool and instructions for cutting them if you want. I bought 2 of them and installed them, one right in front of the other (each on their own side) so that they overlap a bit in the middle. I love it because I can lower the blind on one side, and keep the other side open if I want. It's great in the heat because I leave the blind on the side of the window that opens, up at night.


I liked the blinds so much that I did the same thing in our family room. The window isn't quite as wide (I forget the actual measurement) so the 2 blinds overlap a bit more.

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We used the 2" faux wood blinds (in white) from Justblinds.com. The top rail is the full window length and has 2 separate blinds attached to it. It installs as one unit but they operate as 2 separate blinds. I love them except they are alot of work to dust.


The nice thing about Justblinds.com is that they will send you free samples so you can get the color right.

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