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iPad Users: Homeschool Helper app

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Disclaimer: I don't know the app owners/designers and don't earn anything telling you about this app. Just thought it looked cool. :D


A homeschool friend of mine posted about a new Homeschool Helper app that another friend told her about. It looked pretty cool, and for $5 doesn't seem like too big of a risk. (Looking at you My Well Planned not-so-beta Day :angry:)


There are a lot of things it doesn't do, but apparently they've recently uploaded an update to Apple that's waiting approval. The new update should add some lesson planning features that it doesn't currently have. It also doesn't sync with the computer or other iPad/Pods/Phone. They plan to continue to take suggestions and make updates. I particularly like this statement on their website:


"The primary goal of any update is to ensure it works as advertised and does not introduce new issues. To do this right, it takes a tremendous amount of testing (after the coding is done). Even then, issues can come up. Given that, we must carefully pick and choose which features are possible, and will benefit the most users.


While we understand no app can be everything to everybody, our goal is to add features that are flexible enough to be useful for the majority of users. There will always be a small percentage of users that need more than an app can realistically provide."


Which I take to mean that they aren't going to try to be all things to all people, and will try to keep it running with as few glitches and problems as possible. (Looking at you AGAIN my well planned day :glare:)

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