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SOOOOO Excited!

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So tomorrow our friend is coming to help us wall in the new tub, put in the new toilet (which better not have a crack in it this time) and tile out the shower and floor. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!


Oh and just for the record mean Home Depot Return Lady, I did not like bringing you my used toilet to exchange any more than you liked it. And please do not treat me like I made it up that I was given permission by a manager to do so, who unbeknownst to me was not in the store that day, even though it was written on my receipt. And I also can't help that the girl who wrote it on my receipt didn't write her name on it, only the manager's name who was not there. And don't look at me funny when you ask me who it was and I tell you the African American woman who is short and a little on the heavy side....I don't know her name. It was not my fault it was cracked and leaking nastiness onto my floor. You can plainly see that it was a defect. Heck, you're lucky though, I scrubbed it before we removed it and left it out in the pouring rain to get rinsed out...you can thank me now :tongue_smilie:

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My bethroom is ripped to studs right now. I will be sharing your excitement shortly (but hopefully not the toilet return adventure).


Awesome! I will finally not have to share a bathroom again...it's really my fault as I tore the thing apart almost 3 years ago, lol. We only had a soaking tub with mirrors on the three walls...as in full length wall to wall surrounding the tub :eek:...I don't care how "young" we may be DH...I DO NOT want to see that many angles of my "becoming flabbier faster than I'd like" behind! Thank you very much...

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