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Need desperate help about Science


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We are wayyyyy behind on Science! The only Science we've actually done are from Classical Conversations and some random readings here and there. I am angry at myself for not being serious about Science for the past 3 years. It was the subject that either gets done or not and most of the time it didn't get done.

This year we're doing Apologia land animals and Anatomy. At least those will defintely get done...thanks to HOD guide. BUT, we need to cram because of the standardized test next year. I need something simple but will cover 2nd- 5th grade Science. Are there any suggested books/videos that we can use to cover topics such as Electricity, Magnetism, rocks and minerals, earth sciences, chemistry, water cycles, solar system? I know it's a lot so hopefully we will have time to cover these topics and still enjoy Science.

Please don't beat me up. I've learned my lesson. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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Standardized test prep materials. Really, if that's what you need to do, just do it. Here are some by the Critical Thinking Company. Evan Moor also makes Read and Understand Science (that links for grades 2-3; there's also some for older and younger, but I wouldn't go younger than the 2-3 book) as well as Cut-and-Paste Science and Daily Science for each grade (that links grade 2) -- you can easily do 2 daily sciences each day, AM and PM.


I wouldn't try and cram years worth of science into a year: I'd just pick one (or two) good prep programs, and then either teach a year of science or watch a lot of videos and read fun books: your Apologia programs fit this bill! You don't want them to hate science coming out of this ;).


If I had to pick one thing I would go for either Critical Thinking Company's Science Detective or Evan Moor's Read and Understand Science. If you look at the exam prep tab under the Science Detective product (that links to the beginning level, grades 3-4) you will see a list of tests the product targets: perhaps yours is there.


:grouphug: and HTH...

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What about checking out http://www.lessonpathways.com and adding some pathways from there? It's free to use, sometimes they have good ideas for activities with their lessons, and you can add in real books from the library. We also just did a unit study on creeks and the water cycle using an ebook from http://www.shiningdawnbooks.com and really enjoyed that.

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Hi miracle! :seeya:


We've used the EM Daily Science series already mentioned and the Spectrum Science Test Prep sporadically. I always get them and think, "This year, we're going to DO them." But we never do them front to back. Last year, I let the kids pick which sections they wanted to do. They're ok, but they make for more busy work for me since I have to correct them. The best science overview, I think, can be found in the Core Knowledge series of books for the different grade levels. I just had my kids read through the science section in each book on their own.


Our best science years were the two where I just picked a topic for 2-3 weeks, picked up a bunch of library books on that topic ranging from simple picture books to adult books w/ lots of images & interesting captions or interesting sections, put them in a basket, and scheduled 30 mins/day for the kids to pick something and read. It was totally up to them what to read and whether to read the whole thing or just bits and pieces (or even just flip through and look at the pictures & captions.) Btw, the two years we did this happened to have been the years we did CC. I picked topics based on the CC memory work topics. Sometimes I'd get out the big whiteboard and we'd combine the information we'd accumulated individually into one big outline on the topic. That was fun for all of us. Everyone had some interesting bits to contribute.


We just did the SAT 10 test this year. (Waaaay more useful than the STAR.) All three kids scored above the 92 percentile in science. I think it's due to the two years of interest-based reading they did. Certainly wasn't due to any solid working through of the test prep or daily science books! :) However, those books, esp. the CK books, did give me an idea of what topics to look at for our science book basket.


Good luck! Don't worry about it. Get a bunch of library books on some general topic. Schedule 30 mins/day of science reading of _her choice_ ! You'll be amazed at how much sticks and it will be painless for both of you. :)



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What about the Magic School Bus books? They are generally available in plenty at the public library.


My kids really learned a lot from watching David Attenborough and Neil deGrasse Tyson videos on Netflix. It isn't the same as science class, but it did give them lots to think about.


Yes, we have a few of those books and can get them from the library. Can you kindly tell me some of the titles of those videos on Netflix? Are they free? I only have the free netflix :)


Thank you!

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Seriously, I wouldn't worry about "catching up." Science before high school is mainly for exposure anyway. Don't beat yourself up. Enjoy science this year, watch some fun videos, and don't sweat it.



If you really get into Magic School Bus though (Like mine did!) you can use these kits along with the books and videos. We're doing the Chemistry one this year as a supplement to our other science curriculum :)


ETA: Also agree about Bill Nye! Mine love them too.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs! He covers all of the topics you mentioned, and most libraries will have them available.


ETA: The Bill Nye DVDs for "classroom use" have these neat quizzes you can take after the lessons too.


We liked Bill Nye too. Unfortunately I couldn't get them from our library. They don't have them :(

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Beakman's World is on Netflix.


My ds loves Beakman and has absorbed a ton. Here's a link for living science books (engaging books) you can use in your basket:




I like the Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers for knowledge on animals and animal behavior. We also have the Usborne Science Encyclopedia to use as a reference and for Internet links. NeoK12 is a neat site full of educational videos and resources, including quizzes. Check it out :)



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