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Balance Cushion for ADHD

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I have one for my just plain wriggly five year old, and his 3 year old sister. It has reduced falling-off-chairs-at-the-dinner-table by about 90%. I know when they take them off their chairs because one of them falls off their chair at least twice per meal.

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Oh this is hilarious, because I was JUST looking at those on amazon today. :D There are several kinds. Our SLP uses a whole bunch of them sort of interchangeably with ds. For instance, she has him sit on this http://store.schoolspecialty.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?section=&minisite=10021&item=85992 to help him focus. She has one of the flat round ones like you linked to that she uses under his feet. And then, because he's young and squirmy, she straps him into a chair. But literally with the cushions she'll get 15 minutes longer. Sometimes he just needs it under his feet, sometimes she does seat and feet.


So I would suggest you buy a few things and try them out. I was looking at the lap pads from Abilitations also, thinking it's time I broke down and made one for dd. Buying would be nice too, sigh, but making may have to do. They come in sizes of covers and you buy the tubes of weight separately to fit. I found some lap pads on amazon that someone was making for around $30-ish. They were 3 pounds, so you'd have to see if that's enough weight to do you any good.


I used beans in the weighted collar I made a while back. They sell poly pellets for weight, but I've never bought them. I don't know what I'll use for this lap pad, maybe buckshot? :D

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