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It's the little things that delight me...

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We're getting ready to start year 6 of hs'ing on Monday. And I finally bought a real (not inflatable) globe-- fabulously round and glossy. And I treated myself to a generously-sized RED coffee cup and a fabulous purple pen for grading. Does anyone else deliberately weave things that make you smile into your teaching day? :-)

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Not just *my* day (really nice to write with liquid ink pens), I also try to include little details that my DDs will appreciate too. They've recently expressed a preference for Staedler pencils, so I ordered a new box rather than just picking up whatever they had in the stationery aisle.

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Just tonight I picked up 6 folders and a spiral notebook at Target in METALLIC TIE DYE!!! Totally lovin' it, and decided it was worth the coin :-)


I decided when we were going to homeschool that if this was my "work place" I would make sure I had the kind of tools that would help me succeed, and I would not feel guilty about them because I'd rather buy once than buy cheap and buy several times.


I love my high power stapler that staples many pages at once! I LOVE my all-in-one printer. I adore my teaching cart and white board. Our placemat sized laminated maps are a "must" as we use them daily for all sorts of things.


A pencil sharpener that works well, pens that are not cheapies but decent ink flow, fresh dry erase markers...they all delight me to no end!



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I did have cool things when my kids were younger. We still own the globe that we actually got a lot of use out of. I remember the couple of years we had a large white board that was perfect for math and diagramming sentences. We do schoolwork, and keep all of our supplies, on a shelf system in the dining area. A few years ago I reorganized it with pretty baskets so everything had a place and I didn't have books and papers just hanging out. And I use my favorite pencils and white eraser every day. I also have a couple of favorite coffee mugs, and I always have coffee during math, so it's standard to have that cool cup on the table while we're working. Yes, it all makes me happy. I cannot stand to do work when my space is disorganized. For the past few days, my dining room table has been crazy messy and I had to push it all to one side so I had a clean place to work. My job today is to clean off that table so next week will start smooth again. :)


Oh, and we use the kind of binders that have a plastic piece wrapped around it so we can drop papers in to be covers. While my ds could care less, I have all the binders labeled with neat covers that have graphics and the subject name on them. It just makes school seem more official somehow. :)

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