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Help me choose: HS Connections Hist. or Historyatourhouse?


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Both programs look so great, I don't know which to choose. I'm looking at online Early American History classes from Homeschool Connections and Historyatourhouse. Yes, we are Catholic so that's the main pull to the HS Connections & it is not all year long, there's 10 classes. However, the instructor at HAOH is very engaging and yes, it is secular but I read on Homeschoolreviews.com that he doesn't favor or criticize any religion.


Anybody have a preference?

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We used HAOH last year for the first time - upper elementary American History - dd liked it a lot. She is taking the Jr. High Asian history course this fall. We are Catholic, and I have had no issues. I also enjoy listening to Mr. Powell.


I feel very drawn to his teaching style and I like to hear him also.


Thank you!! :)

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