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They are moving out today...

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My 2 oldest dds are moving to the next town over. Today.


With my bad back I will not be of much help== plus the fact that I'm working today too...


My new front room furniture arrived yesterday-- so the front room now has 2 sets of furniture (they are taking most of the old one) as well as 1,ooo,ooo moving boxes. Their rooms still have so much left in them to pack up...


It is going to be a LONG day.


I'll drive over this evening and help get their kitchen/baths in order and then go shopping to stock up their pantry/fridge so I will not worry about them eating well for a while.


One of my dds has to work tomorrow morning at 7am. She did NOT label the box with her uniform inside!


Oldest dd is moving out to start her 'grown up life'. She just graduated from college and is job searching (no prospects so far)-- at least she still has her old grocery store job...


Middle dd is transferring to Texas State (she was at A&M last year-- Corpus). She is looking for a part time job-- 30 applications and no prospects yet.


Next week the demo begins. Youngest dd is changing bed rooms, DH is taking over a bed room for his study (we both do conference calls so we cannot share our current study during the day). I'm taking over a bedroom for a sewing/guest room.


So much to do-- but first we need to get the truck loaded and the big girls out of the house!!!

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What an exciting day! I hope all goes well!


How have your older dds reacted to the idea that their bedrooms at home won't be theirs anymore? I've known several young people who were quite upset when their parents changed their bedrooms into offices, guest rooms, etc., even though they didn't want to live at home anymore.

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