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Low sodium :(

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I have made a couple of recipes from lowsodiumcooking.com - this one below came out really good and also one that was beef brisket with beans.





This site was the first one I saw that used specific low-sodium alternatives and extra spices (instead of just leaving the salt out of regular cooking, which might not be low enough IYKWIM?). Just reading the recipes gave me some ideas on how to modify some of our regular recipes to be low-sodium without having everything end up tasting like cardboard.

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Ugh...we've been having a heck of a time with this too. DH needs to eat low sodium because of his illness.


Besides the basic things (shop for fresh fruits and veggies, stay away from canned and processed foods, watch out for frozen veggies as even some of the plain ones have a salt solution on them), here are some things that worked for us:


Pasta and rice have very low sodium.


For tomato based sauces I use tomato paste mixed with water instead of tomato sauce.


Basil is a great all-around spice. Sometimes I'll cook up some cut up chicken breast in olive oil and garlic, and mix with a penne pasta. Toss the pasta with some extra virgin olive oil and shake on some basil. Sometimes I'll add some sautéed mushrooms (in butter...you can use unsalted but I find we can keep DH's sodium allowance low enough to use regular salted butter). I also serve this with grated parmesian cheese, which isn't too bad sodium-wise.


We found a no sodium baking powder at our local health food store, for things like pancakes and waffles, but DH finds that he likes things that are naturally low sodium. Baked goods without sodium taste "off" to him. Our health food store has a bread called manna bread, which is naturally low in sodium. It's very dense and the kind he likes has raisins and dates in it, so it's no good for sandwiches.


Salads are good, and he makes his own dressing with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Vinegar has a lot of flavor. He also puts Sri Racha on meat and lots of other things...it's 100mg per tsp but a little goes a long way.


It's really tough to go shopping for low sodium foods. Salt is in everything! When you start to read labels you'll get a feel for it though.

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Thank you all !

ya bought a bread maker

we use Also Salt found it online They make alot of seasonings sodium free like caveders. I also found Prego No Salt spaghetti sauce. I hate it Ive always had a hard time coming up with meals what little I could come up with is out the window :001_huh:

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