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Has anyone looked through Saylor.org's courses?

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They offer a number of "concentrations," and from what I've seen in the Literature and History departments, there are solid courses, given the restraints they have for material. They make excellent use of free lectures offered by other universities. I hear that in the future they are planning high school material, too, which would be helpful to homeschoolers. As it is, if someone is "merely" interested in the learning and not the degree, or is biding their time and working to afford college, this is an excellent resource.


The nerd in me also appreciates the checklists they provide. :)



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Thank you so much for this! I have wanted to go back to school for years but I am so nervous about being able to do well. I am quite sure this will help me prepare myself!


I agree! We are still paying for degree #1 in this house, but this allows me to play around with other "majors" and get my brain back in gear. I'm using a combination of this, Coursera (great courses, but no "scope and sequence" like Saylor) and Open Yale Courses. (My "real-life" alma mater, so it's a sentimental favorite, but other than fantastic lectures, it doesn't offer terribly much for the home learner.)


Part of what Saylor's courses capitalize on is lectures like those provided by Yale, and then they add more specific readings and study guides. I could see ways to improve this, certainly, but it's a great offering for now.


I'm also excited to see what happens when EdX adds Humanities and Social Science courses.

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