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Teachers Lounge! 8-9-2010

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I think we may do a bit of traveling with the lounge for the next few days.


Today we will go to . . . the mountains! It's TOO hot here (high of 117 F) and I need to be somewhere COOL.


Have you ever been to the mountains? If so, where? I've been to the Smoky Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. I would move IN to Rocky Mountain National Park if they would let me! :D


What's for lunch? Here: homemade lunchables.


Schooling today?


Today, we started with reading through some Scripture, followed by Book 2 of Hakim's History of US. It was interesting to hear the kids responses when the heard what Ms. Hakim wrote

and realized she may have needed to do a little more research. :^) It's easy reading, though, and provides opportunities for Socratical discussion, which we enjoy. Now we're on a short break

before lunch. After lunch I may have them do some independent work while I do more work on *GASP* purging books!


Talk to me!



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It's been nice and cool today! We got thunderstorms. :D

Have you ever been to the mountains? If so, where? Um...yes and lots. Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Appalachian..I live near the Alps at the moment.


What's for lunch? PB&J. No leftovers from dinner, unfortunately.


Schooling today? Nope! Not for another week and a half! Our first Jackdaw for the year came the other day, though, and I got to look through it and see how purty it was. :D I can't wait to put it to use!

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I think we may do a bit of traveling with the lounge for the next few days.


Today we will go to . . . the mountains! It's TOO hot here (high of 117 F) and I need to be somewhere COOL.

It's hot, here, too! The dog is very offended by it. We'll probably turn on the AC downstairs for a bit this evening.


Have you ever been to the mountains? I grew up in the mountains in western Maine. Love the mountains! Here, it is very, veeeeeeeery flat. The only terrain is corn.


What's for lunch? My husband made tuna on toasted GF whole grain bread. And grapes. Yum!


Schooling today? We are starting the new year of language arts next week, so today I spent some time slogging VIE3 into HSTOnline (not hard, just tedious), while my husband did math and science with the kids.

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The Rockies are the biggest mountains I have been to, but I have been to smaller ranges as well.


Lunch: pizza and grapes and fruit smoothies to stay cool.


Schooling? yes, but not getting as much done as I wanted.


Kids all had swimming lessons this morning (mine and my babysitting child) and then showers and home to hang the wet clothes and play in the yard a little before it is too hot for the day.


DD8 started with a phonics lesson. Then she did a spelling pretest. She got them all right, except for the same one she missed from last week! DD9 and I worked on Spanish for Children and she took the first quiz. bg age 3 did stamps, blocks, wrote on the whiteboard, and played toy food while all of this was going on. Then dd9 and I went over her math from yesterday and today, and so did dd8 and I go over hers. Neither finished before lunch. Then I read them all a chapter of On the Shores of Silver Lake and then a Mercer Mayer book for the preschooler. Now they are all resting and doing their own reading.


We still really need to do English with both and spelling for dd9, and Bible. We definitely should have gotten English in before lunch. Maybe once swim lessons are over we will get our new year going on track!

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Have you ever been to the mountains? I lived in Salt Lake City when I was a kid. I've been all over the Rockies, Sierras, Cascades, Appalachians etc. We just got back from a week spent in Yosemite and at a family cabin near Lake Tahoe. I wish we had granite mountains here!


What's for lunch? We had leftovers from last night----hm whole wheat tortillas, hm refried beans, grilled chicken, veggies with peaches or first-of-the-year apples.


Schooling today? We won't start for three weeks :) Dd12 is taking an Art of Problem Solving online math course this summer, so I made sure she had finished the homework before tonight's class session.

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Have you ever been to the mountains? Yes, I grew up in Colorado and now live in Utah. It's cooler than 117, but still too hot for my tastes. I need to move to Oregon.


What's for lunch? I'm a terrible mother. We had bean dip (seriously) and applesauce. I need to go to the grocery store since we got paid and the cupboards are bare. Need to figure out a menu plan though of stuff I will actually make. I'm good at making elaborate menu plans, but never seem to stick to them.


Schooling today? He did his MUS test, AAS, cursive practice, scissor practice, MUS drill, and reading. We're going to do science when Chuck goes down for her afternoon nap.

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Oh, the mountains sound lovely! About 11-12 years ago, before DS came along, DH and I went to Colorado, and stayed in Estes Park and spent time in RMNP. It was gorgeous. We'd like to go back in the next couple years and take DS.


I cannot complain about the weather here today!! It's supposed to be a high in the low 80's, and tomorrow, a high of 79!! :D After the horrible summer we've had, this is like heaven. And we got a major thunderstorm yesterday! The rain was too late to help the crops in our state, but we may still be able to keep our lawns without all the grass completely dying.


We had mac & cheese for lunch here today.


DS is starting to regain a routine with school, and it went much more smoothly today. Still considering if we've chosen the right math curriculum, that's the part we're not loving. But the rest is going well!!

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