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Calling Dr Hive--What do you think should be the next step?

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Ds is doing well in Asheville. He even has the support of one of the most wonderful WTM women!!


He is still having heart pain. He's had this off and on for months--like a stabby/sqeezy sometimes like a hot needle type pain. It is not muscular (chest muscles, anyway). He had an echo, and exercise/stress echo thingy, and a nuclear stress test last week. They can't find anything wrong with his valves, his heart, etc. thru these tests. Taking certain illicit drugs can lead to this heart pain, but we can't find info WHY--what is not functioning correctly. He does have an abnormal EKG (the 12 lead or whatever the big one is), but the first cardiologist here before the move said it just could be Ds' normal one. IIRC, he had an abnormality before the drugs.


The cardiologist is stumped--So any ideas what we should do next? Ds is frustrated and feels they don't know what they are doing--well, they don't, but it is not up to us to find out what is wrong! Shouldn't they keep testing some other way? It's not normal to have pain like this every day, or nearly so, is it?

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I would go to the ER if possible, because they take chest pain very seriously, and he will get a good bit of testing there. usually I am not a fan of the ER, but sometimes it is the best place to start.


Just a few thoughts from personal experience:

Does he drink caffeine or eat chocolate and such? My dh gets chest pain even from a few sips of caffeinated drinks. He has SVT I think it is called. His heart is fine, and nothing bad is going to happen, but he cannot have caffeine. I had awful chest pain earlier this year, and it turns out it has nothing to do with my heart, but the joints around my rib cage in that area were inflamed, costiocndrihtis (sp?), and I had to take Aleeve for a couple of months to make it go away. It hurt when my kids would lean on my chest, it was that inflamed. Those may not be your son's problem at all, but perhaps those things can be ruled out at least.

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