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Need some morning encouragements? Read this list!

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I like these the best.....

Lessons I learned from homeschooling.


It’s not the method — it’s the time and the love.


It’s not the test scores — it’s the character.


How to pick back up and start all over again.


Teenagers have so very much to offer.


That I am wrong much more than I’d like.


It is impossible to homeschool on my own strength.


You don’t have to be patient — just willing.


The character flaws seen most often were mine.


Shiny new curriculum is seductive — be wise.


Chocolate makes a dreary task more enjoyable (for kids and moms). :lol: (My dentist likes this one too!)


Setting the alarm and getting up does not make you a morning person.


Teens and toddlers need more sleep, more food, and more time than I ever realized.


I don’t know nearly as much as I once thought.


Every day is educational — whether for good or for bad.


Simple things like games, car rides, inside jokes, and dinner time bind a family together in ways I could not have dreamt.


Just because siblings don’t get along when they are younger doesn’t preclude them from being close friends when they are grown.


She forgot a couple....


Parents of very young children always know the best choices for you and your highschooler. (Just ask the mom I talked to at the library yesterday.)


Parents of very young children offer a fresh perspective to tired veteran homeschoolers. (It's true...though not for the mom from the library yesterday)


Thanks for sharing!

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