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Car Buying Update

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I just cannot BELIEVE this.


We'd left a $500 deposit on a vehicle. We'd told the sales person that a) were were interested in THAT vehicle, and she needed to determine that the deal already pending was for the other model on the lot, b) financing and c) needed to discuss price, which could only be done w/the manager.


Fine. I ended up having to call her yesterday, when I hadn't heard squat. She acted huffy and annoyed that I was calling her. I asked her if she'd had a chance to verify which vehicle was for sale. "We wrote it up on the silver one!" Yes, I'm aware of that, but YOU weren't certain which vehicle was actually still for sale at that point. And, what's happening w/the financing? She finally, after a bit more verbal wrangling, huffed and said yes, the one we wanted is the one for sale, and she'd go check about financing.


Calls me back, FOUR HOURS LATER, to tell me that we're preapproved, but there's one item that needs to be addressed...she would call me today to get that detail sorted.


No call.


I got ahold of the general mgr this aft. Told him I'd had absolutely horrible customer service, and wanted my $ back. I told him what had happened, rather, what had NOT happened, and I was concerned that if the customer service was this bad when trying to purchase a vehicle, I couldn't imagine what it would be like when I needed a vehicle serviced. When I have to chase the sales person to confirm that the vehicle we're interested in is actually available, there's a problem! I understand that the sales person has nothing to do w/processing finance apps, but holy hannah, wouldn't you figure that they'd call and let you know, "It's still waiting..." and then call back this am as stated? I would've been fine w/her calling to say that she was waiting on an answer.


My bank mgr called me, just to let me know that she hadn't heard back on an issue, and she doesn't make commission! You'd figure someone that was going to make $ off me would be prompt about being in contact, wouldn't you?


Wolf used to be in corporate sales. His buddy used to own a car lot. Both are disgusted by the complete lack of communication and service.


Would you believe that the mgr didn't call me back about getting my $, but had the sales person that couldn't be bothered w/me before call? TWO HOURS LATER! All I needed to know is if the refund would be back on my cc, or they'd cut a cheque, b/c it means either I have to be there in person, or Wolf can just take care of it. We were out, but I'll be calling the mgr tomorrow and dealing strictly w/him. Since she was ill tempered about me calling when I was planning to buy a vehicle from her, I can't imagine who much 'nicer' she would be now that I'm pulling the deal :glare:


I fully intend to let the mgr know, when I call HIM back tomorrow, that I have no interest in dealinkg w/his unpleasant sales person, and I have every intention of telling EVERYONE we know just how wonderful an experience we've had in attempting to purchase a vehicle. Frankly, he could cut the price by 1/2 and I wouldn't want it. :glare:


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Oh, I'll get the $ back. How chilling I am about it is a whole 'nother question. I don't ever use inappropriate language, raise my voice or anything like that...In fact, I'm often smiling when dealing w/situations like this...seems to totally confuse ppl. Angrier I am, the quieter and more polite I get. For some reason, it makes ppl far more nervous than someone that yells and curses.

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