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A newbie!

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Come on over to the general board and introduce yourselves, ladies. This one doesn't see a lot of traffic.



Oh and Welcome! :seeya:


[that a hello smiley not a 'see ya' smiley, honest. :D]



yes, no need to be shy. we're all friendly peeps here. :D


btw your smiley REALLY looks like a see ya smiley.. lol

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Hi, I am wondering what the recommended payment system is on this forum for sale items? It's been a couple of years since I purchased and sold items on sale boards.


Is paypal the best form. When I began homeschooling, 17 years ago, it was check or money order, no other options. lol!


Just give me some feedback on the best ways to purchase, I see somethings I am looking for.

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