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compost Q- shredded paper?

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If you have a predominately organic compost pile, would you add junk mail/paper? I am not striving to have an organic pile, but I do appreciate the fact that it is not full of a bunch of chemicals.


I have a pile of shredded paper that I was going to put out for recycling tomorrow. Then I wondered if I should just compost it. Our compost bin consists of our own homegrown veggies, yard debris etc. I worry about the bleach in the papers and the dye/inks affecting the quality of the pile.

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I wouldn't because I'd be concerned about the BPA in paper products if you are striving for a low chemical, organic compost.




eta: this was linked to from the You Bet Your Garden website (NPR show on organic gardening):


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I vote to NOT compost it, but not because it's not "organic." Shredded paper is a very strong "brown" and very dry, and it takes FOREVA to compost down. Unless it's been peed on by a household pet, in which case it should have a nice carbon-nitrogen ratio. :)


Best site ever for compost Q's: GardenWeb soil forum

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I add newspaper and cardboard (not the shiny kind). We have so many grass clippings that I need to add 'brown' materials to stop them from going slimy. Because of our volume of 'green' materials, the paper and cardboard composts down easily.



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From the organic point of view I probably wouldn't compost the paper but shredded paper does compost easily. We use shredded office paper it for chicken bedding sometimes and it disappears fast in the compost heap. We also put in things like egg boxes and newspapers and small amounts of card.

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