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So I would like to see if I qualify for LASIK... but where I go to the optometrist they don't offer it (which is surprising, because it's at a hospital that does virtually everything else. :tongue_smilie: )... how in the world do I find a good, reputable place to do it?

I don't know anyone who has had it done here.

I also am surprised at the cost. Someone had told me it was between 500-1000 per eye, but now online I'm seeing that most are 1500+ per eye. But then I can't help but think, would a reputable business even PUT that on their website, the cost of the surgery???

Idk, I'm totally lost on this. I know I want to look into it and I REALLY hope I would qualify - I know nothing further. Any suggestions??

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You need to find an ophthalmologist. Certain ones specialize in this. Best way to find someone reputable is to see how many they have done and get feedback from former patients. Make sure they tell you about the possible permanent side effects.

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