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Adult Ed: American History for Citizenship

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I have a friend who is applying for citizenship here in the U.S. She needs to "brush up" on her American History/Civics/Gov't etc studies.


Does anyone have any ideas for a college level book/video/audio? I have gleaned a few ideas via a search but thought I'd post for more ideas.





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I've just gone through the citizenship process myself. I'd recommend a book specifically aimed at the citizenship test. I used this one, borrowed from the library.




The test is really very simple, There are 100 possible questions. The interviewer has a subset of specific questions from this list to ask each interviewee. He or she is looking for close matches to the answers given in the study guide.


Getting a college level text would be going into too much detail, HTH

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Thanks so much for your input! I appreciate your point that a college level text would be too much detail. I will recommend this book to my friend!


Meanwhile, if anyone else has an ideas of a more simple overview of history let me know!

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