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HST+ problems. need help please

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I will be using the 2 level increment copy feature. Most of the chapters have an A and B sections. Few chapters have a C section.

My issue is how to figure out to get the C section into the grid?? I am assuming once the C section is figured into it I will mess up the sequence?? I think what I have to do is do the test first then go back and do the AB ch rev sequence first then go back and do the rescedule feature to put in C where it applies?? Is this the best way? or is there a better way?



For ex:


Ch 9A

Ch 9B

Ch 9 Ch Rev

Ch 9 Test

Ch 10A

Ch 10B

Ch 10 Ch Rev

Ch 10 Test

Ch 11A

Ch 11B

Ch 11C

Ch 11 Ch Rev

Ch 11 Test





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I would put the tests in where they belong. Then do the incremental lessons with A, B, and C on each lesson and then go back and delete the C's you don't need. The sequence numbers might not be sequenced (I'm not even sure that makes sense - LOL). I mean you might have 1, 2, 4, 5, etc., so they won't be incrementally spaced out by ones's but they will be in the order you need. An alternative method would be to put the tests in and then the lessons but double the amount of spaces you need between each item so that you can just feed the C's in where you need them. Someone on another post suggested this and I've used that method and it's a piece of cake to add in those oddball assignments rather than resequencing everything.

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:iagree:The hst forum is the best place to get help. I think you can also use the sequence number field while lesson planning to ensure the c lessons fall in the right place. ( I use this with TOG assignments)


There is probably more than one way to get it to do what you want, HST+ is nice that way.

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Thanks guys!


I did post on the HST+ and it was slow slow return on answer. Did get an answer from Katie. :) Two different answers and same results (one from here and one from her, actually one of your answers is identical to hers and the other answer is different from hers but yet same results.). Thanks!!



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