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? for those who use essential oils...

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I don't use a diffuser, but as far as essential oils, I've been very happy with the quality of Star of the West phamaceutical or organic oils.


I have a friend that makes a happy blend. It has geranium oil, bergamont, and I think gardenia...but maybe it's lavender. Hmm...I'll try to find out.


I can't handle the floral scents too much so I prefer to have spices or citrus oils and scents.



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I've tried a couple of diffusers, but found they don't work as well as making homemade cleaning products with the oils in them and using those. Some of the cleaners I use are:



  • Vinegar/water oil in a spray bottle with peppermint oil for the kitchen counters.
  • Club soda, left open overnight to go flat, with lavender in it as glass cleaner (with a little vodka added in the winter to prevent freezing/streaking). I've also used this from time to time like febreeze.
  • baking soda mixed with several drops of oil in an old parmesan cheese container used both for scrubbing and carpet deodorizing
  • vinegar, hot water, and oil in a bucket for mopping.


Lavender is the most calming scent; however it's an estrogen so be careful getting it on anyone's skin regularly.


For pure happiness I like the scent of grapefruit oil best.


Perhaps you should just go stand in the oil section of a healthfood store and smell all of the ones you care to smell?

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