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Dr Hive.. what kind of bite is this?

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My 7 year old woke up this morning and promptly shoved her foot in my face. She has a welt on her ankle/foot that's about the size of a nickle and is very puffy and squishy.


I put some Benadryl cream on it but I'm honestly wondering what could cause a welt that size? We've had lots of bug bites but none that look like this.


ETA: Here's the pic. It's really big. I'm too lazy to resize before coffee. http://i48.tinypic.com/4r23bb.jpg

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It could be an allergic reaction. Dd has a first size welt on her calf and a slightly smaller one one her ankle. Just midges-- mosquitoes. Topical benidril(sp? ) helps. Usually she takes pills too. We try to medicate her immediately after she is bit. We did this time--not sure how much it helped.:lol:

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Just a lil' ole mosquito can do this? Really?? :lol:


My younger looks like that with mosquito bites most of the time.


My son gets enormous mosquito bites. They never swell up big till the second day, then they take weeks to heal. My other son doesn't normally do that, but he does occasionally get a huge one. I think spider bites can be extra big, too.


Happens every time to my DD! Her legs had 10 bites on them last week, and it really looked like ONE GIANT bite. We use topical Benadryl here.


I need to find something to put on her BEFORE hand so she does not get bit as much; I keep telling her she must taste really good :D but she does not exactly appreciate my humor.

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