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Career Aptitude test

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I am looking for a good test that will give my kids an idea of careers that suit them. I would prefer it to be free, but a small fee would be OK too. After a quick google, I see there are many online, but does anyone have a link to a GOOD one?



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There is an online test that points you to careers for certain personality bents. "What's my career type." But the book walks you through certain careers that match your certain characteristics: Perfectionist, Helper, Achiever, Romantic, Observer, Questioner, Adventurer.


There is a visual match-up system they use that make it really easy to identify careers!


My 15dd did this last week, to help me know how to direct her high school studies. Found some interesting career ideas, but mostly were pointed in the direction she was already going. She scored almost equally in three of the above 'types'.


After you find your 'career type,' you go through a questionaire that shows your strengths and weaknesses within that type. And you compare your detailed assessment with careers for people of that type.


What was very interesting was that even though the questions were so different within her three types, a few of the same careers kept coming to the surface through all those different filters.


This is written more for adults struggling with finding a career fit, or looking for a career change, but I found it appropriate for my daughter and me as we make educational and college plans.


Book is available through Amazon.

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Guest lauren_05

I recommend the Myers Briggs personality test. It would not just help on choosing a career path, but in other aspects of life too.

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