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Voracious reader


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Any advice on how to turn a student into a voracious reader? I know that the right books are very entertaining but would like to go beyond this to where student reads anytime, anyplace for fun.


Anyone have a plan that worked?

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Teach them to read well with SWR/WRTR.


Get their eyes checked by a developmental optometrist to make sure there's nothing hindering them from reading the best they can. (more common problem than you realize, COVD is where you find them)


Use lots of audiobooks while in the car, playing, etc. to build their vocabulary so they *recognize* words as they start to read.


Surround them with books in a religious way. We have thousands of books in our house and they're very special.


Install bookshelves or magazine racks in the bathrooms. (No, I'm not joking.)


As long as the stuff is *quality*, don't be too picky about genre in the early stages. For instance my dd's 1st books were comics (Calvin & Hobbes), and she read a lot of comics for a lot of years. Drove me NUTS, because I wanted her to diversify. She has diversified, but comics are still in the mix. It's just who she is. :D For my ds I've been collecting non-fiction, science, westerns, and military history, things I think he'll like. Basically if it involves guns or violence, he's gonna like it, haha. I'll try him on Jim Herriott before he gets much older. I never got dd hooked on him, and I've collected a lot of his stuff. Surely ds will like it, right? So while I don't want my kids to read tripe (Spongebob, blech), I'm really flexible beyond that.


That's what worked in our house. We did all those things and did them in spades. We did vision therapy with the COVD doc. She has a magazine rack in her bathroom. Hours and hours with audiobooks from about age 4-6. I used to read aloud to her while she would play in the yard too. I never realized that they were supposed to hold still while you read to them, so I didn't expect her to. ;)


If it's not working, it might not be you, might be a physical problem or something needing evals. On evals, I'm now a "better early than late" kinda gal and highly recommend them. If you think something isn't right, it probably isn't. If one practitioner blows you off, you just haven't found the right type yet.

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