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Visual Link for Spanish 1?

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We are going to try Homeschool Spanish Academy for middle school Spanish next year. No experience here with Visual Link but after many false starts (i.e., wasted money) I have come to the realization that a live tutor is the only way we can expect real achievement in Spanish. For high school we are using La Clase Divertida online homeschool spanish courses with Senor Gamache (thumbs up).




La Clase Divertida Spanish:


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It's what I used for my middle dd in 10th grade in preparation for her taking Spanish at the cc. I gave her credit for high school Spanish I for finishing Visual Link I. She then took Spanish I and II at the cc (labeled Spanish 1501 and Spanish 1502 on her transcript) to finish off her required Spanish.


VL was good preparation for her cc Spanish class.

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Guest isfs23

Hi kchris, may I suggest: http://goo.gl/etZhH - iSpanishFlashcards is an iPhone app that will help you learn Spanish faster by using flashcards with pictures (learn over 300 most commonly used words in the English / Spanish language from A to Z), thanks.

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