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RE: Truthquest Question w/ Biblioplan


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I looked at the sample online, which seemed like a blurb about the history of the period, a book list, and a couple of write/think questions. Is there more to it than this?? I was contemlating adding it to Biblioplan I have going on at the moment??

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I didn't like Truthquest - it's actually the only thing I've ever sent back schoolwise.


Your description could have been mine.


We're using Biblioplan and I'm looking at History Odyssey plans (buying the ebook and using their ideas for dialectic and rhetoric age kids I have). I like HO's better writing and the style of what to do each day would save me from lesson planning but I'm not sure yet.

I don't want to stray from the christian format of BP.

We're using the newer BP download which schedules MOH. I don't have that yet but I have read it includes some craft ideas. I'm big on craft planning this year, I have two girly girls who want them.


ps the other thing I was checking out briefly were the Beautiful Feet ancients...maybe you'll find something useful there?

BF links may be helpful...



HO links...



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Thank you so much, I am going to check your links, I think we are on the same page for next year. I am trying to spruce up Biblioplan with some crafts and hands on stuff. I will look at HO for supplimentation rather than TQ.


Again, thanks for the feedback.

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