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MOH for bible

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After reading some of the replies on another thread about how MOH is Christian oriented, I was thinking of using MOH for Bible. Instead of using a Bible curriculum I was thinking of using MOH. Since I have never seen MOH, I really don’t know if it will work as a stand alone Bible curriculum or not. I have not seen any samples on the website.

How much is MOH geared toward the Bible? Is it mostly just a history curriculum or is it something that could be used in place of a Bible curriculum? Would it work for that subject at all or am I just totally off in what I think MOH is about? I just don’t want to wind up with two history programs and nothing I could use for Bible.

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Here is a link to a sample on christianbook.com: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=427044&event=ESP1016|1484897|1016#curr


I just started the Ancients again and am using MOH, I used if four years ago as well. At the time it struck me as a great Bible study resouce. The information seems to center around the OT, and includes some non Biblical people and topics. My kids loved it, the index note cards and the timeline. You could just skip topics that are not Bible related. My guess would be it is about 70% Bible. The link has a sample lesson, and can look at the index as well.



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