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Non-fiction Picture Books


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How old are your children and what are their interests? I think you have to start there. Non-fiction interests can be so unique to each child. Our collection mainly centers around Pompeii, mammoths, dinosaurs, and nature. This reflects the preferences of ds7 who is our main non-fiction reader. Some of his favorite books have been:

Pompeii: Lost and Found (it has beautiful illustrations based on period frescoes)

Pompeii: Buried Alive

Mammoths on the Move

Mammoths and Mastodons

One Small Square (all the books in the series)


I find non-fiction books for girls to be trickier. My girls prefer fiction, but they have loved:

DK Ballet School

DK I Love Gymnastics

Good Queen Bess

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--Seymour Simon as an author.


--Gail Gibbons.


--DK has a youth series. I think it is "DK Readers."




Titles seem to go from Pre-readers to ??Level 4??, whatever that means.


***Some titles are fiction, and tied to Star Wars, Lego, or even Pokemon.***


--Let's Read and Find Out Series


I know of at least one mom who used this for homeschooling. She just had her child pick one out from the library each week until they were all read.


Level 1


Level 2

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