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Is there a base 10 math font?

Ewe Mama

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I am very technically inept at making my own worksheets and printables (unless it's simple copywork.)


I have been getting into a Mortensen Math/Crewton Ramone House of math phase. (I go through math programs like crazy because I have Goldilocks Syndrome...can't find one that's just right for them or for me.)


I was wondering if there is some sort of font that would allow me to create my own math worksheets with base 10 block pictures on them (sort of like Math U See-type blocks.)


Any ideas/thoughts?


Thank you for for your time!

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We subscribed to Explore learning's gizmos site this year through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have had it all summer, but it is on sale there again now.


One of the gizmos on the site is the base 10 worksheet, which allows you to drag and drop the blocks onto the appropriate field. They have toggle buttons which allow you to turn on and off the feature that displays the values over the blocks. They also allow you to activate or deactivate the addend feature and the sum feature that shows the addends and/or sum of the blocks placed on the "sheet".


Students could use this over and over with math problems you give them.


Our kids also really enjoy the science gizmos. It has been a worthwhile purchase.

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