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Foreign Languages--Learning French, Live in a Spanish Area, already know some Arabic


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So, growing up I went to a school were one started French in Kindy. In the elementary grades it was songs, basic verb conjugation, games...etc. Fun. Then in Middle school, you added Latin or another modern language, plus a more formal French study. End result is that my French at one time was good, but is a bit rusty. Still, it did allow me to have a good (for an American) accent--at least that's what I was told when I lived there.


We recently moved to South Florida where Spanish is basically a second language. It would be so easy for them to learn here...so many resources...yet my Spanish is limited to the Dora variety.


Would you encourage your kids to learn Spanish anyway? Or start them on French as it's the foreign language you know best? I love French...and French culture...so feel that I would be better at getting them enthused about learning French... yet I feel silly for wasting the opportunity of an almost immersion Spanish situation.




Kids are already learning Arabic as well. (DH speaks Arabic fluently...but doesn't speak to the kids in Arabic (pet peeve!)) :)

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