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I need some poster/chart links please.


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I am looking and trying to find some charts to put around the school room, let me know if you have found some good ones. Amazon and RR are good as I can put them in one order.


Units of measure

metric vs. imperial

advanced geometric shapes (parallelograms not circle and square)

Parts of speech (with more than just the basic noun, verb, etc... Everything I see is colorful with about 5 parts of speech, I want more content, less fluff)

I know there were 2 more, but I can't think of them right now.


Thank you in advance


ETA: Anyone, please feel free to hijack and add any charts/posters you are looking for.

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I look at the posters online and create my own using PictureIt and Word. Yeah, they aren't huge (8 X11) sized but they work.


Over the year, I've create a bunch of "help" sheets for my kids that sit on the desk in a box, and when they have a question, they know to check the box first and see if one of those sheets will help them figure out the answer before they ask me.


I laminate these sheets so they hold up to being used regularly.


I have bought one huge multiplication chart at http://www.scholarschoice.ca

but they are in Canada. If you buy in their stores, they laminate it for free!

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I bought posters when dd was going into K5, got them at the local teacher supply, and they are STILL up on our doors if you can imagine. :D Anyways, I hate to mention it, but the posters kind of got the blind eye with time. It's nice having them, but they don't have much educational value, I don't think. They would if you USED them, I suppose. Anyways, mine are things like the Pledge of Allegiance and the prayer of St. Francis. So you might even think of them more decoratively.


Lakeshore Learning is one of the nice stores near us, and when I checked on their site just now I couldn't find many posters like that. Maybe you'll have more luck. They definitely sell them in the store.


Hey, look at this. http://www.teachthis.com.au/products/view-resource/link/Grammar-Posters/id/399/ Here's a free site where you can download and print them yourself.

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