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Looking Ahead to Middle School

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We will be beginning 5th grade this fall. We will be starting our 3rd year of CC as well. My kids are tired of the CC grind, but we are paid for this year and will complete it. After that, I'm not sure. Challenge was always my backup for middle and high school, but now that we might leave our group and use CC at home next year, I'm not sure what my other options are.


Which classical boxed curriculum should I look at? I'm not usually a fan of boxed curriculum, but I would like to get a lay of the land for middle and high school before we make a decision. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I read your post and I just wanted to reply in the hope that someone will chime in with advice. I'm kind of in the same boat as you - oldest ds is entering 5th and it'll be our 4th year of CC. I really like how much he's grown with his writing due to the Essentials program in CC. Like you, I'm questioning if I want to follow the path all the way thru CC...

My plan is to start watching these boards and glean from the Hive!


In the meantime though....

:bigear: :bigear: :bigear:


Any moms out there with words or wisdom or "Don't do this!" advice?





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