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Inquiry regarding questions

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I need help forming questions.




Thought provoking, exxcellent writing assignment type questions.


For example, DS1 will be doing an American Gov't course (Thinkwell). My thought for "proving" understanding was to give him some essay questions. . .


Blank. . .nada. . .zip. . . zilch.


Well, that's not necessarily true. I can come up with fantastically broad questions, i.e.


"Describe everything you know, in great detail, without omitting anything, regarding our government." (make it 5 paragraphs)




No, I'm somewhat joking. But, I have discovered that I am either way too broad or too narrow in scope.


Hmmm, I guess "questions" is not exactly the appropriate term. . .


But, it's not just for DS1 (highschooler) that I suffer. Lest you think this should be on the highschool board. I have this problem for all my children.


Now, I've asked this question on other boards, and I can not tell you how many times I've been directed to Bloom's Taxonomy.


People, it's like a "pig staring at a wrist watch". (Hubbie's term, but it fits.)


Truly. . .


For example, "describe" is on that list, and you all saw what I accomplished with that! (I can see why multiple choice has become so popular.)


So, do you have any suggestions? Are there any books on the matter? Training courses for those that lack the intuitiveness on the matter? Anything?

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Well, this may be no more helpful than Bloom's Taxonmy, but I use the questions from WTM and WEM. For something like American government, I would use the questions from primary documents. Perhaps the questions you are asking are too general? Pick out certain sections of reading and ask specific questions on that. If your child doesn't know the answer, they probably did not comprehend the material. Read it together aloud , and discuss the material. Another thing I do is tell my son to write about what he read, just basically doing a written naration. When we went from grammar stage to logic, with more in-depth questions my son needed a lot of hand holding. He is very literal, so we still do much discussing on the more indepth questions. For example say the question is " Describe Dante's 2nd circle of hell" my son would say "Uh?' Then we would reread that passage. I say " What are some words Dante uses to describe hell, what are some sounds, who is in there etc.."


One other idea is to have them make charts. Comparing/contrasting, flow charts of how something works, timelines of certain events.

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Well, this may be no more helpful than Bloom's Taxonmy, but I use the questions from WTM and WEM.


I will have to re-read TWTM. I don't recall questions in it, but it's been awhile since I last looked at it.


WEM has been on my list to buy. . .

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