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great movie rec

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I just happened upon this today as I flipped on the TV.


"something the Lord made". It's about Dr. Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas, pioneers in treatment for shock and corrective heart surgery. The title comes from a comment Dr. Blalock made to Mr. Thomas about his suturing technique, that is "looked like something the Lord made."


told from the predominant viewpoint of Vivien Thomas. He was the grandson of a slave, with ambitions of going to medical school - but the depression got in his way. (he lost all his money in a bank failure) He ended up working with Dr. Blalock for 34 years. despite only a high school diploma, he eventually was teaching surgical residents, many of whom went on to prominent careers in medicine.


They pioneered techniques that have saved thousands of lives.


I'm such a sap.

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