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because life wasn't stressful/chaotic enough???

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My dog broke his foot tonight. At least, the vet and i both think that is what the problem is. He was rushing to get out the back door and caught it somehow. He screamed, wouldn't put it down, etc. I had DH pick him up and carry him to the bed so I could check him out (I'm a vet tech). In the process the dog, Luke, freaked out and expressed his anal glands...all over the brand new big screen tv we just bought, after waiting 12 years to get a new tv. Now the TV smells like dead fish, the dog is wearing a temporary splint (and is clutzy on 4 legs, let alone 3 legs!...this is the one that was found on the side of the road as a puppy, with brain damage).


He gets xrays tomorrow, but the expectation is broken metatarsals, and splint for 4-6 weeks. Oh, and I'm due in 5 weeks. Really needed a dog in a splint that can't get wet, in the rainy season, while i'm having a baby.


Did I mention DH was in a car accident 2 weeks ago, and is still having issues, and just got a lawyer yesterday, and we have to have the remodel of the house finished in the next week or lose our homeowner's insurance? That I'm planning a homebirth and most of the rooms in my house do not have finished floors?



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:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:I am so sorry so many awful situations are going on all at once.:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: please try to stay calm and just keep climbing that hill one step at a time u til you reach the top.


This will make for a greT story one day, but rit now it is all just hirrendous.


I am so sorry for your dh. I struggled immensely after my TBI and I kow it was (is!) very difficult on my entire family.

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How's the dog? How's the TV? How's the heat?




Well, the dog got sedated and xrayed. He broke ALL of his metatarsal bones, his foot bones. Not good news. Options are splinting, pins, or plate and screws. That last option would mean going to a specialist. I did some reading in some veterinary journals and recent studies show that surgery isn't really more successful than conservative treatment, and introduces the risk of infection. We will be just splinting for now.


He is doing well on his pain meds, and I'm keeping him quiet. He hates me putting the bag on his splint, but he can't go outside without it as it is rainy season here and the ground is always damp. Also, ideally, he should be leash walked, so he doesn't try to run and put weight on it, but that is impossible right now. If I put a leash on him the 2 year old tries to "help" walk him, which freaks him out, which makes it worse than just letting him out into the backyard. Plus, honestly, my nerves can't take the tantrumming 2 year old and freaking out dog. I know my limits!


My son will be back in town at the end of the week, at which point he can leash walk him, and I will distract the toddler.


The TV seems ok...but dh says he will probably return it, lol. He just can't deal with knowing it happened.


In the meantime most of the flooring got put in this weekend. All of it would be done but at 11pm last night they ran out of materials. It seems a bunch of the laminate flooring was defective....missing the tongue or groove or whatever that it needs to fit into place. So dh will have to pick up more, and return the defective stuff. But all of the living room is done, and 3/4 of the family room. (not including baseboards).


I ran errands in the morning yesterday, with the toddler, but then just couldn't take it. She hasn't napped all weekend, plus is out of sorts from all the commotion with the construction, the dog getting hurt, etc and was miserable in the stores. So we camped at home on the couch as best we could and dealt with the noise from the saws and such.


Oh, and yesterday I smushed my thumb in the door letting in the broken dog, and dh smashed his finger with a hammer.


By last night I was swollen and exhausted, but I peed half the night and am less puffy this morning. Going to take it easy for the most part, and do some cleaning up.


Thanks all.

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