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Ds 13 who NEEDS to be busy...

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Ds 13 is definitely all boy...he loves to climb, jump, run, and especially build things. We have swings, play houses, a great cul-de-sac to run around in, but we live smack dab in the city so there's not a lot of room for exploring like he would like to. Last weekend he went to his grandparents (who live in the country) where he played outside all day, building deer stands, and hunting. Well, yesterday I was watching him just sit there on the couch watching tv thinking of all the things he could be doing if only we were not so much in the city. We aren't moving anytime soon so what are some suggestions for a boy who would love to live like The Walton's, but can't? Last night he and dad talked about building a reading stand in our big tree over the weekend, but I would like for him to have something daily to do. Any ideas?

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Well, I won't be much help.


We have an older home that requires a lot of work. I have discovered my boys NEED to be busy, and it has helped immensley to put them to task on the house with DH.


Is there a room you're wanting to remodel? (Demolition is particularly "fun" -- but construction has immense value to a young man.)

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If you have room to sit in, you have room for outdoor cooking. Why not have him experiment with different types of outdoor cooking apparatus? I bought a book off amazon about making solar cookers. Apparently it's possible to roast a turkey in one! Anyway, a solar cooker won't need to be supervised too closely, since he won't be able to do too much damage to anything, except perhaps burning whatever he puts in the box.



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