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Hotels/Campgrounds-San Francisco Area?

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Looks like we'll be in/around the SF area mid to late Sept. This is part of a cross country trip so we need cheap cheap cheap (under $100 for hotel/motel/inn) or a decent, safe campground. We'd like to be within 1/2 hour of San Francisco if possible, preferably south as we'll be visiting sites between SF and Big Sur. If anyone can recommend anything inexpensive, or some nice campgrounds (we'll have all our camping equipment w/us) please let me know. Thank you!!

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Costanoa could work really nicely for you-they are about an hour out of San Francisco and 2 hours from Big Sur, and have tent cabins with beds and heated mattress pads for under $100 a night (although they might not work for you depending on how many you are traveling with.) They also have campsites, but couldn't find their pricing on those. Half Moon Bay State Park campground would probably work for you too and is only 40 minutes from SF.

Otherwise, if you wanted to be closer to San Francisco I would look for hotels in the San Ramon or Dublin/Pleasanton area-those towns are about 45 minutes from San Francisco, and farther from the other coastal areas you might want to visit, but definitely convenient, safe, and plenty of nice options for under $100 a night.

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Hi bbmom. Thanks for replying! We had already checked Half Moon Bay (would've been perf) but it was booked. I just checked Costanoa (wow--looks awesome) but that is booked too. However, I'm finding lots of avails (and much nicer rates) in San Ramon, so thank you for that suggestion!!

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