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Water bottles

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I just bought polar bottles at Sports authority. They had great reviews and are 9.99 You can freeze them and they are dishwasher safe and bpa free.


Last year I bought klean kanteen and they bubbled at the bottom when we put cold ice water. I was so disappointed. I also purchased those cheap stainless steel ones at target and they held up great but they have this little plastic ring that if you loose...your bottle leaks! So mine all leak!

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We love our klean kanteen. I put ice water in ours all the time and have never had them bubble. If you drop them a ton of times, they do get a little less flat at the bottom, but dh just smacks them against something hard and they flatten back out ;)

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I have this:




I am notorious for destroying water bottles or causing them to leak or loose parts and I have been very happy with this bottle. Doesn't leak, and I drink lots more water with it. It does take a bit to get used to the way of drinking out of it (bite and suck) but I have had mine a long time and there are no bite marks, so that's a plus to me. Got mine at Target. hth

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